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PROJECT: Employee Engagement

CLIENT: Power Tynan



Accounting and Advisory firm Power Tynan think of themselves as problem solvers. More comfortable solving their clients’ problems, they faced a challenge they couldn’t solve on their own.

They could see their industry was heading towards disruption and they wanted to get ahead of the game, and they knew they had to do something new in their business to achieve this. They had fantastic ideas for change to secure their future as an industry leader, but they struggled to get buy-in from their people.

With 54 staff across multiple locations in Queensland they needed help to become the ‘disruptor’ not the ‘disrupted’, to get engagement from their team to implement change into their business that would ‘stick’ so that they could continue to grow.


Power Tynan approached SeeChange initially for the specialist skills and know-how to engage their team and make sure everyone was striving towards the same goals.

They were convinced the problem they faced was one of middle management not acting on the ideas the leaders were sharing with them. Maria and Tracy discovered that they were all trying to ‘sing off the same page’ but were struggling with the team cohesion to fully understand and implement ideas.

As a third party SeeChange also diagnosed that while the leadership team understood their strategic direction, it was being communicated in many different ways. The communication plan was not clear and the inconsistent way they were conveying it across the business divisions was the fundamental reason for the lack of buy-in.

Through a series of leadership workshops over a 10-month period, SeeChange worked with Power Tynan’s board and leadership team to consolidate their messaging, and then helped them to learn how they needed to behave as leaders to effectively engage their middle managers and staff. Working on specific ‘real world’ projects together over time to make their strategic direction happen, was the key to success and engagement.


Over the five-year period that SeeChange has been associated with Power Tynan the business turnover has doubled and net profit has increased from 10% to 24%.  CEO Amanda Kenafake attributes these changes to all staff now understanding and being willing to strive towards the same strategic intent, and then having the skills to work together as teams to make projects happen to ensure the business continues to prosper.

Staff are now more engaged, everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet. The latest annual team survey (which had a 100% response rate) saw overall engagement sitting at 82% – the highest ever recorded. There is no doubt the culture has changed, and all leaders know exactly what it takes to make better decisions, continuously improve and to engage staff to make change happen.