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PROJECT: Employee Engagement

CLIENT: Seilers Transport



Seilers Transport is a Kingaroy-based transport company specialising in pig and cattle cartage. The company started in 1990 as a sole operator business with one truck and the mantra to take care of our stock, our customers and our staff. Over the past two decades the company has seen steady growth and before working with SeeChange they employed 15 staff and had 12 trucks.

As the company grew, it became clear that more structure and systems were needed. The pressure to organise transport, load and drive trucks, and look after staff saw the owners working 80-hour weeks.

They recognised that the business would continue to grow and they needed help with structuring the day-to-day running of the business, to professionally develop them as leaders, and to find a way to engage all staff in where they were wanting to take the business so they could help them make that happen. They knew they needed to find something to help them make things easier.


Maria and Tracy began the 12-month process by involving the business leaders in clarifying their vision, purpose and values. From there strategic projects were created to help reach their vision. Each leader planned the execution of these projects and then worked together with SeeChange to develop processes to engage the staff in making these projects happen.

At the engagement meetings with staff the leaders knew it was important that business projects were communicated and they made sure staff input was heard. This encouraged buy-in and provided staff with the reassurance that the owners cared and were interested in their welfare and making them feel part of the team which subsequently improved morale.

In the following months the leaders continued to develop themselves as leaders through the development of key structures across the business, particularly learning how to make effective decisions; improve time management, project planning, and team engagement through the running of meetings that matter.


Seiler’s believe that the foundations and structures created for the business by SeeChange were priceless in terms of helping their business grow, now and in the future.

SeeChange freed up the leaders to concentrate less on the day-to-day running of the business and allowed them to spend more time on networking to bring in more business, and implementing projects that will create future growth opportunities.

Since SeeChange their pig market share has increased by 11% and the company’s cattle share has grown to 15% of its revenue from 5%.

Very importantly, their lives have changed. They are now working between 40-50 hours per week in the business, with weekends off and more time with their families – the ultimate end goal.