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‘Rethinking the Future of Work’ Podcast

Has how your work changed in 2020?

What will you take forward to the future of how you work?

2020 has been a massive year of UnChosen change for us all.

But it hasn’t all been bad.

Here at SeeChange, there have been some very positive experiences and opportunities for chosen change in our workplace. These changes include how we work virtually with our clients and working remotely as a team.

The future is different but it’s exciting!

This podcast ‘Rethink the Future of Work really helped with that thinking. It addresses ‘How business leaders can rethink the future of their work based on the external changes that have happened 2020.’

The producers of the podcast, the Daggerwing Group, touch on external drivers that are shaping change and 5 focus areas for leaders to rethink the future of work. These include:

  1. Envision what work will look like in the future – have the conversations
  2. What is the Culture we need to reach the vision of the future?
  3. Prioritising what is important – what 3 things will we focus on?
  4. Investing in leaders – leaders need to lead differently in a changing world
  5. Creating ‘Moments of Trust’ – spending time with your team daily and help your team feel safe.

Take 25 minutes and have a listen – It will get you thinking!

Link to podcast

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