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Slow Down to Speed Up

We are huge fans in slowing the pace to catch up both physically and mentally. And in one of our recent programs we have seen the benefits in action.

We’ve been working with a team who are participating in our Coaching for Change program. It was the end of session two (there are 4 sessions) and the Manager offered how much this program is helping he and his team. He said:

‘You are helping us SLOW DOWN, which is already helping us SPEED UP.’

We then went on to have a great conversation about the comparison to half time in a game of sport. What do we do at Half time? We catch our breath physically. We take in food and water to replenish. 

But so much more can happen.

It’s a time to reflect, identify reasons for success and those things that aren’t working. We talk about opportunities and create a plan for the second half.

I asked the team “What would happen if we kept playing straight through with no half time?’ They said ‘We would make more mistakes, we might get injured. There is no time to talk and re focus.  It’s too hard to adjust the plan. And the worst thing… we would most likely turn on each other in frustration.’ 

And you can apply the same THINKING to business and your team right now.

Are you giving your team the chance to slow down to be able to speed up?


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