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Speaking at Food Industry Association of Qld Conference

On 29th July Maria and Tracy spoke at the Food Industries Association of Queensland (FIAQ) annual conference in Brisbane. Our topic was ‘Leading Change in a Food Safety Culture – How to Avoid the Five Deadly Mistakes’.

We spoke about how to ‘make change stick’ based on our experiences working with clients in the food processing industry.

Some of our key messages were the following points.

  • Every business needs to implement change. But it’s hard and the risks are high.
  • All food processing businesses have a food safety culture right now. The key point is that if it isn’t strong, well established and creating successful outcomes for the business, then things need to change.

So how do you create change in your business?

By engaging and supporting every single person in the organisation to change.

We need to help staff to choose to change:

  • the way they think
  • the way they do their jobs
  • the way they behave

Organisations don’t change. People do.

We then went on to share the five common mistakes we see businesses make and then how businesses can avoid making these five common but deadly mistakes to deliver successful change that sticks.

Regardless of the industry you are in, we have this punchy 30 minute conference session that we can adapt for your conference. Please give us a call if you are looking for conference speakers in this area of leading change in your business.

Call us on 07 3902 1002 or email info@seechangeconsulting.com.au and we would be happy to chat about how we can add value to your conference.