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Stop hiring the wrong people

A bad recruit. Ever experienced it?

Are you a leader who is in the market right now for new team players?

It’s so hard to navigate change when you have people who aren’t right for your team. It is energy zapping and it damages relationships.

Our tip is to take the time to get it right. Have a listen to this podcast by Patrick Lencioni.

He has some excellent trips about how to commence your recruitment process – what to get clear in your head and how to find people that match that.

We totally agree with him that too much emphasis is still placed on technical skills and not enough on culture fit. He suggests not doing the traditional interview process. Get creative to see how this person really is and how they will operate.

Some might say ‘I haven’t got time for that.’

Well our challenge is, have you got the time and money to get it wrong. Let alone the risk to your existing team members, the business and your brand.

If you haven’t had good results with recruitment, you can change that. It reminds us of our favourite quote:

‘If you change nothing, nothing will change.’

What do you think? Would love to hear your experiences. Drop us an email