The Connection between PROJECTS and CHANGE

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The Connection between PROJECTS and CHANGE

In the last few weeks, we started working with a new client.

As an Executive team, they have lots of projects as a part of their strategy and these projects mean lots of CHANGE happening in their business. So as we explored what’s ahead for this Executive team and the role they will play as leaders in executing their strategy, this quote really struck a real chord!

Many leaders are used to project management.  They set milestones, objectives and measures to help make the project happen. Just as importantly, every project also needs to consider change management. This is all about engaging the people in the planning, the communication and supporting them through their resistance. This quote really nails the connection between projects and change.

The leaders we have been working with felt this thinking will help them plan their projects better and will ensure ‘the change’ occurs successfully – for the team and the business.

Would you agree?

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