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The Listening Quiz

The Magic of Communication is not in just about what you SAY – it’s also about how you LISTEN.

This links closely to a current challenge we’re hearing when working with our clients – Team Communication is struggling. Most of us have never received any training on how to listen and are unaware of the type of listening we are doing and how that is holding us back.

Would you like to understand your listening blind spots and barriers?

Why not take the Deep listening quiz by Oscar Trimboli

The quiz is designed to identify your listening villains and provide you with a very practical action plan to improve your listening capability. By taking this quiz, we’ve learnt tactics to help us be a better listener and Oscar offers fantastic free tips in the workbook you’ll receive once you complete with the quiz.

Our Listening Villains creep into our conversations and very much impact how we interact with others.

So what’s your primary Listening Villain?

  • A dramatic listener
  • An interrupting listener
  • A lost listener or
  • A shrewd listener?

Here’s the link to take the Listening quiz. It takes about 7 minutes.

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