The power of a ‘Check In’ at the start of a meeting

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The power of a ‘Check In’ at the start of a meeting

Here’s a question to ask each person as you start your meetings:

‘In this meeting today, what will success look like for you?’

Recently Maria asked this in a meeting with a team of leaders we are working with as we plan out the next steps of their change project.

It’s a broad question…. and that’s intentional.

The responses from each person ranged from:

  • a particular decision they felt needed to be made
  • that everyone has a chance to contribute
  • clarity on steps in the project
  • to discuss an item (that was not on the agenda)
  • that we work as a team
  • that we get through the agenda and finish on time!

Look at the range of thinking and expectations there!

It’s positive and impactful for each person attending to hear what others are expecting and if there is alignment in the team.

And it was very helpful for Maria to clarify these expectations early in the meeting in line with the intended purpose, outcomes and agenda of the meeting.

So if you are having a meeting today, why not ask this question?

Getting clear at the start about what everyone is expecting, it will save you time and energy!

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