The Power of Stopping as a Team

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The Power of Stopping as a Team

This month we have been working with CEO Melanie Wilson and her Executive team from RSL Qld.

The team took the time out of a very busy schedule for two days to reflect, draw lessons learned and explore opportunities.

We helped the team to stop, catch their breathe, listen and understand each other, be vulnerable with each other, build on each other’s ideas, celebrate and laugh together. All key ingredients to help this team execute their exciting 5 year strategy for the benefit of veterans and their families.

Here is CEO Melanie speaking about the power of stopping as a team.

What a positive experience it was for us to work with an engaging and progressive team of senior leaders. We are so happy to work with a team who STOPS.

Bravo Team RSL! 

Have you seen the benefits of stopping as a team?

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