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There is CHANGE happening at SeeChange

After 7 years in our current office, we have decided to down size and move. Our office will now be located in a big space under Tracy’s Queenslander home.

This Chosen change has come from a lot of reflecting and gaining personal clarity about our goals. And the last 12 months of COVID has helped us experience new ways of working. As we were packing boxes, selling furniture and saying goodbye to the past, we’ve been calling on our knowledge of Chosen change that we often share with our clients.

Get a good plan – we’ve been working towards this move for about 3 months. Our plan has helped us meet deadlines and cope with our workload during this transition.

Acknowledge the emotions – we’ve been feeling reflective, relief, excited, overwhelmed and happy. Sharing these feelings between us has helped with understanding and tolerance.

It isn’t easy – it hasn’t been plain sailing and it’s not all sorted yet! We need to regularly STOP and catch our breath.

Gain help from others – we’ve utilised expertise from others and called in a few favours with this move. Sharing the load makes change easier.

If you are going through a Chosen change, I hope our reflections can help you on your journey.

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