Three reasons why people hate their jobs

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Three reasons why people hate their jobs

Recently Tracy and Maria were very fortunate to see Patrick Lencioni speak in Sydney. Patrick is the world-renowned author of several books including The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and The Ideal Team Player.

Patrick is an excellent speaker. He is very engaging and entertaining. He speaks about the age old topics of leadership, teams and culture, but makes the messages really simple. His models are practical and very easy to relate to.

Patrick passionately believes (based on watching his dad’s experience of work):

No one deserves to go to work and be miserable.

One of the simple (but very powerful) messages he shared was,’ 3 root causes of why people hate their jobs’, otherwise known as ‘job misery’.

To be quite honest this is one of the main topics we hear most about from people – their unhappiness at work.

So here are the three main reasons Patrick believes that people hate their jobs:

  1. Anonymity – people feel anonymous. Their leader/ manager doesn’t show genuine interest in or care about them, or take the time to get to know them
  2. Irrelevance – people don’t know why their job matters and what impact their work has on others. This results in people feeling unfulfilled and less equipped to persevere when work becomes difficult – there is no driving passion
  3. Immeasurement (a word Patrick developed) – people don’t know if they are making progress, in other words, what difference they are making. Not being able to measure their own success or failure and a lack of progression are sure-fire ways to decrease motivation.

We are quite sure you may have felt this way yourself or seen it happen for others who were unhappy at work.

Patrick spoke very passionately about the role of leaders/managers to turn this misery around if it exists for any of their staff. He was ‘spot on’ when he said the turn-around can happen quite quickly and the best news is that it costs nothing!

Patrick shared that he often challenges leaders as to why they don’t take the time to get to know their people, reinforce why their role is important, and assist them to measure their efforts each and every day, so these three ‘misery links’ don’t creep in.

Guess what he hears as the most common response?

Yep you got it ….. ‘I’m very busy, I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with all that.’

Patrick didn’t hold back on sharing his feelings about that type of response of someone that calls themselves a ‘leader’ and we totally agree with him:

“If you don’t have time as a leader to ensure these three areas don’t exist amongst your staff then I don’t know what is more important that you could be spending your time on. As a leader your people are your top priority!!”

  • Do you think any of your team members are miserable?
  • Do you know why? Have you taken the time to ask?
  • Is there anything you are doing or not doing that could be contributing to their unhappiness at work?
  • Are any of these three areas contributing to their misery?

We have several programs here at SeeChange that can help leaders to develop their skills and abilities to be more effective and efficient in their leadership role, to eliminate misery from their people’s worlds.

Please call if you would like to talk through some ideas about what you need to help your leaders be the best they can and most of all, to have the most positive impact possible on their people.

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