Leaders – what is your take on mistakes?

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Leaders – what is your take on mistakes?


Imagine having this positive culture in your workplace …… no one is perfect. Mistakes do happen. We all make mistakes. However, a learning culture will help reduce the same mistakes happening over and over again.

Of course, there are some jobs where making mistakes have major implications – even people’s lives are at stake. However, there are many mistakes made that aren’t about life and death.

If your workplace has a negative take on mistakes, your team will be hesitant, they won’t try new things, they won’t take a risk. Due to the fear of making a mistake, we don’t think your people will be at their best.

Encourage your team to try new things and ‘have a go.’ Be there for them after the event. Whether it’s a good or not so good result, mistakes are an opportunity to learn. And that’s what good leaders do – help people learn.

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