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What type of human do you want to be?

Such a thought-provoking question that we gained from listening to this podcast episode.

It came from an interview on The Imperfects podcast with Ben Crowe. Ben is the Mindset Coach of our Wimbledon champ Ash Barty. We think Ash is champion tennis player, but she’s also a champion person. We were intrigued to hear from Ben in how he supports Ash to shape her mindset, not only about tennis but also about life.

Here are a few of our key takeaways:

  • Coming to terms with our imperfections. These imperfections can CONNECT us to others when are vulnerable.
  • Our self-worth needs to come from the qualities of who we are as a person NOT from what we do.
  • ‘Human being’ versus ‘human doing.’ Determine the human being I want to be and what I love to do. Focus on the areas I can control, then do the ‘human doing’.
  • ‘Win the morning, win the day.’ Reclaim who you are before you show up in the world.
  • How can I best be the best part of someone else’s day? To be interested not interesting.

All of these points are so very relevant to a happy life, but we can also see how they help us handling change in our lives.

Here is the podcast

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