When introducing change, where do you start?

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When introducing change, where do you start?

This is a common question we are asked about leading CHANGE. Are you a leader embarking on CHANGE in your organisation? Maybe your change is implementing a new system or creating new ways of working for your organisation.

One of the most common questions our clients ask is: Where do I start?

Well….there are key areas to focus your time and energy at the beginning of your change that will lay an excellent foundation for the success of the change.

Over the last few weeks on LinkedIn, Tracy has been offering tips to get you going on your change journey.

TIP 1 – Align your WHY to your strategy.

Before you share with anyone else, as the leader of this change, ensure you are 100% engaged with the change yourself. This includes WHY it matters and how it is connected to the bigger picture. Get crystal clear on the STRATEGIC context of the change and connect it to future of the organisation, so everyone can see WHY the change is important. This will help you communicate with personal conviction and offer compelling evidence as to when you do start to share with others.

So leaders…. Where do you start?

You start with yourself!

Here is the link to Tracy’s video

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