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Would you like a free webinar for your team

Tracy has been developing a series of webinars recently to support clients and industry organisations.

We are offering to our newsletter readers the opportunity of one free webinar to be presented to your team.

Take a look below and if you are interested, drop us an email at info@seechangeconsulting.com.au indicating your interest for your team.

Tracy will deliver that webinar especially for you.

So first in first served, gets the webinar!


Webinar 1: COVID- 19 – How to deal with such an Unchosen Change

With the virus impacting the world, we are facing very uncertain and challenging times. It is a time to reconsider how we work, how we interact, how we live our lives and even how we think about the future.

In terms of change it will have a massive impact on us as individuals, for our families, our communities and our businesses. COVID-19 is definitely an unchosen change for all of us, creating a myriad of reactions and emotions. 

In this webinar, Tracy will share the five stages of Unchosen Change, linking these to COVID 19. The five stages reflect the stages of the grief cycle, with each stage having a different set of emotional responses which affect our capacity to effectively problem solve and make decisions.

Tracy will then share practical strategies of what you can do right now to help yourself, your teams and your families to work through this unchosen change and build resilience in these uncertain times.  



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